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Interview with Andrew Waines

Q & A with Andrew Waines


Q: Who is Andrew Waines?

A: I am an Ottawa based pop-rock singer/songwriter and guitarist.

Music has always been a large part of life, but it soared to the top when I was referred by my current guitar teacher Dan Hay to play guitar for an up and coming country act signed to IROC Records. This label was created by Neville Paul and a partner.

It was a lot more work than my 16 year old self had expected; band practises 3-4 times a week, learning new songs every week, and learning what makes a powerful performance. Luckily, I was alongside 4 other immensely talented musicians who pushed me to my limits and made the experience life-changing for me. From playing festivals like Bluesfest, Cavendish Beach Festival to Boots and Hearts; I knew that this was something I wanted to pursue.

I was starting to get into song writing after listening to John Mayer and Ed Sheeran albums, where the lyrics and delivery really pulled me in. I reached out to my manager and we began talking about what steps were necessary for me to take the first steps towards a solo career. Soon after, I began releasing covers and am having a blast doing it. The fans that support what I am doing is unreal, and my goal for 2017 is to bring something that they can feel they were a part of.

Neville has given me so much guidance, and still does as I grow into the musician I want to be.

Aside from that, I am a guitar teacher and student at Carleton University in the Commerce program. I’m in my second year and am still giving Carleton my full attention when I am not playing music.

Q: You choose guitar as your first instrument. Who inspires you?

A: There’s so many. Every player has a slightly different approach to guitar that pulls me in. If I were to narrow it down I would say I was inspired by the likes of Slash, Neal Schon, Stevie Ray Vaughan; and more recently John Mayer, Shawn Mendes and Philip Sayce.

I love the grit that comes with blues guitar and how these artists combine it with pop melodies to make catchy songs.

Q: Your first single “Lovin’ carefully” it’s such a great song and you have an incredible voice. Is it a personal experience or something you feel ? Tell us a little bit the story behind that song?

A: Thank you so much! It’s a little bit of both. I have found that people aren’t always on the same page when it comes to relationship labels and all that. This song was written from the perspective of someone looking for a deeper connection that doesn’t understand how someone can give their love away without care which is where the song title comes from. I have been in this situation before and it is a confusing time when you’re looking for something special while the other person isn’t.

Q:- Your style of music is like soft-rock-pop-blues and you like John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and even all the way from Guns N Roses which is my favourite rock band also. What interested you to those legends?

A: Raw emotion. These artists perform night after night with their heart on their sleeve. They are so well versed in their craft; it inspires me to keep striving to one day be like them.

Q:- How do you spend your free time?

A: When I’m not playing or listening to music, I am a big fan of film. I love a good plot twist and when a cliffhanger leaves you speechless.

Q: What are the five things you can’t live without?

-My family
-Hair wax
-my phone


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