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Interview With Steve Groves

What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

I heard a very true and inspiring quote once that I immediately knew was the secret for personal success.  “Find something that you love to do, and work on it until you love the way you do it.” I knew that this was true because this is exactly what I did with the guitar and music from the beginning of my life. And as a musician, one of my early guitar teachers, Bob Sabourin from Metro Music here in Ottawa, taught me a work ethic code. “Practice all day, Play all night, and make sure you always have a gig. I have lived a life of music following these simple thoughts.

“Runnin Through the Bayou” it’s a great song and the video also. Can you explain a bit that music?

Thanks for your interest in my song, “Runnin’ Through the Bayou”. I’ll tell you how this song came about.  It was two years ago during the month of February, Black History Month, and I had been invited to accompany Ottawa Blues singer, Maria Hawkins. Miss Hawkins was doing a series of performances in the Ottawa area schools.  telling a variety of stories reflecting the trials of slavery, and the underground railroad. During these story telling sessions I would sit and listen, and when the month was over I was thinking about what it must have been like, running for your life, escaping captivity.

From that point the lyrics just revealed themselves, one verse at a time. Being chased by dogs, was only the beginning of the escapees problems. I imagined what lay in store for him as he ran through the bayou. “If those bloodhounds don’t catch me, that gator will”

I imagined on, to the snakes, and then the hogs. Of course each of the animals represents the authorities who are chasing this poor boy, culminating in “Old Hog” dragging him back to “The Farm” in “Shackles and Chains”.

I met French producer Nicolas Rastoul who was vacationing here in Goa during  the month of January. He asked me if I wanted to shoot a video and of course I accepted. The video was shot in Goa with live shots of gators (actually a crocodile we shot from a boat trip we took especially to get the classic gator shot). No animals were harmed during the shooting of the video. No humans either.

The song was released three months ago through CD Baby and is available on most online music outlets like iTunes and streaming by SPOTIFY. Please add it to your playlist. Thank you.

It’s seems like you travelled a lot, may I ask you why?

I have always travelled when I could. I believe that travelling the world expands your understanding as you get to experience other cultures, art, music, food, people, and even animals.  Like in India where cows roam free and there is a completely different attitude with animals. For example, if you see a bull on the loose here in North America, you run like heck. In India, when one encounters a loose bull, you go over and pet him.

I lived in New York City from 1977 to 1990. This gave me the atmosphere in which to practice and hone my skills in Jazz & Blues. I had opportunities to play with such greats as The Legendary Holmes Brothers for 10 years, and hang with greats like Miles and Monk, Cecil Taylor and a long list of the worlds best musicians.

If you could go open up for any artist on tour right now who would it be?

This is a good question, it’s going to show everyone how ”out of the loop” I really am.  I guess I’ll say, one of my favourite young singer/guitarists, John Mayer.

What are the five things you can’t live without? 

Love, friends, music, family, and lastly food clothes and shelter. Not necessarily in that order,

  • Love, of coarse we all need and long for Love, both giving and receiving.
  • Friends, we are social beings and need to be surrounded with friends and social activities to keep our lives balanced and to keep aware.
  • Music, most of us take music for granted, but what a cold world it would be without Music.
  • Family, what could be more important.
  • Food clothes and shelter, well, we wouldn’t last long without the bare necessities..

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