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Life Hacks to Make You Happy at Work

Admit it; we all have a love-hate relationship with our jobs. There are days we can hardly wait to get up and head straight to the office all happy and excited, and then there are days even a military battalion would fail to drag us to our work stations. No matter if it’s your dream or you have accidently landed in for one, this is how it goes and we make peace with it, for the sake of our own mental peace and sanity.

Here’s how to survive those depressing, despising days and cheer yourself up again to get through it in a smart way.

  • Try Something New Every Day

It might be just another day, but why follow the same old routine? We all crave a change to get over with those morning blues, why don’t just make it happen? It doesn’t have to be something as big as changing or swapping your working domain. Even a small change like taking a new route to work or trying a new morning beverage would do the trick and break the humdrum and monotony.

  • Have a Sense of Meaning

Know what you are doing and why are you doing it. When you have a clear sense of what you are up to and why you get back up every morning to land in here every day, you will find your key motivators to keep you fueled throughout the day.

  • Create Your Very Own Office Nest

Your office is like your second home and you spend a major chunk of your 24-hour day working there. Why don’t just make it feel like home? Consume your creative juices to invoke a personalized touch in your space and bring that homely comfort right there.

  • Make an Office Best Friend

This might not sound convincing at its best, but you will eventually need a friend at work. Whether it is to brag about an accomplishment or to vent out about how you are battling with the load; a good friend at work will always make or save your day.

  • Mind Your Own Business

As if you don’t have enough to deal with already on your plate, that your plunge into dealing with other people’s business as well. If that is how you roll, no wonder why you are so unhappy and stressed. Keep yourself confined to playing your own particular roles and do your best at it.

  • Plan Your Tomorrow

Before you leave, get rid of eh clutter of the day. Leave your workplace tidy and organized. Make it a point to check what you are supposed to do tomorrow. You will subconsciously plan your day in advance and will have things better sorted out when you arrive the very next day.

  • Treat Yourself at the End of the Day

You have made it through another day. Do you need another reason for a self- treat or a little prize? Set little daily milestones and reward yourself at the end of the day.


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