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Magic is Turning Real – Niantic affirms launching Harry Potter Go

Isn’t it like we are experiencing a mighty-90s déjà vu? With Pokémon on the go, Clinton for presidency, and the Harry Potter saga getting revived after a whole decade; this indeed is the ideal time for the 80s and 90’s born and now grown-up adults to relive their golden childhood days and that too, with the intervention of smart technology, brining it closer than ever to really. How? Here’s the big news.

The Wizard World is all set to take over the Muggle World. So, if you are still morose about never receiving your Hogwarts Acceptance Letter, your dejection is about to fade off, for Niantic, the Pokémon-Go developers are all set to launch Harry Potter Go – the augmented reality gaming app about our beloved magical world.

The officials at Niantic in a couple of on-the-record press statements declared that the demand was getting insane. The world was all busy and satisfied finding their Pokémon’s then with the recent launch of Harry potter and the Cursed Child seemingly jolted the world which was busy finding their Pokémons, to come out of their reverie and claim an augmented reality passageway to creep out into the wizard world. And as soon as the idea gained popularity, the social media platforms smoldered with trending posts and hash tags claiming “WeWantHaryPotterGo”. Online petitions spread like wild fire and millions of signatures were recorded within few hours of the petition launch. It was as if the world was already stupefied by the HP jinx and therefore, Niantic decided to surrender to the popular demand and give it a shot.

Not much intimidating on the intricate features and specifications of the app, the HP Go would presumably work on the similar patterns as the pioneering smash hit Pokémon Go. You will be looking out for the seven horcruxes and winning over basilisk fang, the elder wand and the Sword of Gryffindor along the way to fight them off. You will expectedly have a house sorting ceremony before you get started with this game. Moreover, keeping in view that The Fantastic Beasts is all set to be launched in December, we are expected to find giants, spiders, unicorns, dragons and other magical beasts on the run. So, despite the little info in hand, the Potterheads can still figure out how this ‘HP Go’ is going to work and how it will take the magical fandom to a whole new level.

You might have a one-on-one encounter with Malfoy, in the Dueling Club, bringing you a chance to ground him flat with a mere wand, or better, a smart phone flick. Other than that making potions and trying out the deadliest of jinxes on the consistent run to fight and survive against the dark lord and his army. Watch out, for you might find a deadly death eater sitting right next to you, guarding a horcrux.

So, with all predictions and expectations combined, fingers are crossed with high hopes that this HP Go will shatter all Pokémon Go records, providing Warner Bros. a huge chance to cash out muggle money coupled with a complementary pre-launch promotion for the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and for muggles off course, a chance to virtually live their magical dream.

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