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Kim, Kanye and Taylor Swift – The Feud Goes On!

When it comes to creating drama and fueling the rumor buzz, Taylor swift and Kardashians equally rule the game and never take long to make a comeback in the media limelight. The recent rift between the Controversial Kardashian and Taylor Scandalous Swift along with Kanye West playing catalyst to keep the feud going on, the story took an interesting turn as Swift was busted off her feet by the married duo, blowing away whatever’s left of her credibility into thin air. How? Here’s what happened.

It all started a while ago, when Kanye ruined the moment for Taylor Swift on the stage of MTV Awards 2009. Right at the moment when Taylor Swift was receiving her award, Kanye West mounted the stage snatching the mic off her hands and declaring Beyonce was better worthy of the prize. The news went viral on public platforms, creating much hype as social media followers defended and offended the celebrities. There was no looking back since then as the grudges strengthened and the duel stayed alive through tweets, press statements and snide remarks. But, after a consequential series of highs and low, when we were all thinking about a sigh of relief assuming the animosity has lost inertia and things are settling down, the trica proved us all wrong once again.

The issue restarted with Kanye West’s song ‘Famous’ which turned out much famous than potentially it might have otherwise. The song lyrics had a couple of verses clearly hitting on Taylor Swift, in a way she labeled as ‘offensive and derogatory’. The initial claims by Kim and Kanye about getting a pre-production consent from Taylor Swift were straightaway rejected by the blonde, crediting in her account a huge public sympathy vote and extending her online follower base. Taylor Swift made the matter go viral in full swing, denying all claims about agreeing on song lyrics and undoubtedly caused K ‘n’ K a great jolt.

However, who can beat Kardashians when it comes to leaking videos and keeping the controversies going?t-t
In a planned dramatic course of events involving a couple of tweets by Kim Kardashian asking Twitteraties to follow her on her Snapchat handle, the tweets clearly hinted something big was about to make way out of the pipeline. Little did we (or Taylor Swift) expected that the biggie would revive the fight all over again. In an attempt to clear off all acquisitions and curses they had been initially bombarded with, Kim Kardashian, after a hinting teaser on Twitter, released a recorded phone call conversation between none other than Kanye and Taylor, talking in an unconvincingly friendly way and deciding on the exact lyrical notes Taylor Swift remarked as offensive and derogatory.

The ‘caught in her own statement’ blonde now deals with the fandom that went retrograde, against her interests. Too bad, but that’s what happens when you overestimate yourself while keeping up with the Kardashians.


About where this feud is heading on, we assume keeping their past records in view that this is not something that we never expected coming from Kanye, Kim or Taylor. Although it’s a +1 for Kim and Kanye this time, we all know Taylor Swift’s potential for making a yet another comeback, either with a hit song or another controversy – stay tuned.

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