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Beyonce: When Life gave her lemons, She came up with ‘Lemonade’

As if there’s not happening enough in our life, that these celebrities too keep on filling our plates with their personal life happenings, and admit it or not, we too, in one way or the other, let them become a part of our lives, chant for their happiness, grieve over their sorrows, and keep up with the minutest of happenings of their lives.

The 8 year long relationship of Beyonce and Jay Z has been one heck of a roller coaster ride, often rising over to extremes of pleasures and grief and stirring the showbiz world. There have been those nail biting moments when we thought it’s all over and there have been times where we all went ‘awww’ drooling over their booming love. However despite all the highs and lows imputed, the couple has well managed to overcome the odds and live it through highs and lows. Lemonade, the recent release from Beyonce’s camp made a headline in the entertainment world, providing a hot topic for showbiz news hawks to judge and make their own predictions about where the relationship is heading.

While the album itself resonates with the theme about healing and self empowerment, it was also portrayed as musical illustration of the various stages of her grief. We do admit she might have been carried away in her surge of emotions, but judging her professional feat over the parameters of her personal life does not make a good fodder to feed the news. And despite having survived infidelity on her husband’s part and consistently battling a wavering marriage bond, she did manage to make it through embarrassing situations that entirely put their personal matters in media’s court of trial.

The recent stir came as the married, singing duo was found basking in the Mediterranean suns, illustrating a picture perfect life of a happily-wed-for-8-yerars couple, along with their four years old. The picture shared on Beyonce’s official Instagram went viral in the showbiz corridors, bringing in a variety of views and response from celebrities, friends, family and fans alike.

Adorned in a tail, floaty maxi dress that only added to her signature curves, the singer was found holding hands with the family after her sold-out performances in Belgium last week. Jay too, was caught glowing in happiness on the entire tour and was even labeled as the ‘instagram husband’ for his reflection in a mirror in one of the photos’ uploaded on her account. Call it a coincidence or a perfectly planned move, Jay Z was caught reflecting in the mirror while clicking a portrait shot, and that too in enclosed in an elevator. Now, we all know what addition an elevator has made in the list of unpleasant surprises in Jay Z’s life. And this is what makes the Bey’s fan base go insane over the possibility of another hit form Jay Z’s camp against her wife. Social media was flooded with a mixed response advising Bey not to trust the man again. He might be good at clicking her perfect shots, but having cheated on her once, has a lesser credibility for being trusted and loved again.

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