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10 Facts that Make Katy Perry Oh-So-Interesting!

Since the time “One of the Boys” released in 2008, Katy Perry has created a ‘roar’ in the music industry.  This musician, singer, and songwriter is known for her unique taste in fashion and never fails to surprise the masses with her pop tunes. But our very own pop princess is not just about music; there’s a lot more to her you still don’t know about!

Think you know her well? Let’s find out:

1.     Katy Perry’s real name is Katy Hudson. Little Katy did not like the fact that her name sounded too much like (actress) Kate Hudson, so she changed it. Perry is her mother’s maiden name.

2.     This uber talented musician grew up in a conservative Christian household. Both her parents were Pastors, and she was forbidden to watch shows like “The Smurfs” or even read Harry Potter! Think that’s too much? The pop diva was even forced to call ‘deviled eggs’ as ‘angeled eggs’ in her parents’ home.

3.     Here’s the irony – growing up she may not have been allowed to watch “The Smurfs”, but come 2011 she made her Hollywood debut as the Smurfette in the animated Columbia Pictures movie, “The Smurfs”.

4.     Ever wondered how she keeps herself in that flawless physical form? She jumps rope! Nope, that’s not a joke.

5.     Do you know about Kitty Purry? She’s Katy’s pet cat! The cat that has her very own personal blog. Oh, Ms. Kitty was also nominated for the Best Celebrity Pet, Teen Choice Award in 2009. That’s a pretty famous cat, we tell you!

6.     So what’s common between Kelly Clarkson, Ashley Tisdale, and Selena Gomez? Katy Perry has written songs for each one of them. When we said songwriter, it wasn’t just limited to writing her own songs!

7.     She sang “I Kissed A Girl”, and the world more than liked it! Here’s the interesting bit: whenever Katy Perry is up onstage performing the song, she gets showered with cherry chapsticks from the crowd. Do we need to mention that the act is inspired by the song’s lyrics, “tastes of her cherry chapstick”?

8.     2008 release One of the Boys is not Katy’s first album! Her first album was titled Katy Hudson – a collection of Christian pop songs. The album did not make it big, selling hardly 200 copies. The album was released in 2001 when Katy was only 16.

9.     The 31 year old star’s third album ‘Teenage Dream’ with 5 No. 1 Singles, tied with Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ – that is definitely big!

10.  Despite a host of No. 1 singles, and chart toppers, the star has yet to win herself a Grammy. She has been nominated 13 times for one so far!

11.  Katy is super-active on Twitter, not shying away from expressing herself. The pop star has over 70 million people following her – that is even more than Justin Beiber’s! Talk about fan following!

12.  Perry never completed high school! She quit only a few months into it to pursue her music career. We think this could be the reason why she is terrible with spellings.

Katy Perry is currently working on her fourth album, and we can’t wait for it to be released!

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