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Hassan Bhatti – Mr. Pakistan World 2015

How did u prepare for the competition?

I realized that in order for me to be at my best for this competition I had to prepare well. Therefore I went through all the history and current affairs that are going around in Pakistan and simultaneously focused on my physique as well, because it was very important to not only look good but also feel energetic and healthy. Furthermore I thoroughly went over website to get an idea of what the mega event will be based upon.


What are your future plans?

I believe in working hard on daily basis instead of setting goals way ahead of time even though I still have some goals in mind. By April of 2016, I will be graduating from University Of Toronto with the degree of double major in Criminology and Sociology and minors in History of Religions. The opportunities are endless, I might pursue Canadian police services because I love social work or work harder towards Pakistani entertainment business.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born in Quetta, Pakistan but raised in Lahore till I finished my grade 10. Later on, me and my family moved to Canada in 2009. I love sports of all kind but I excel in cricket, hockey and soccer the most. Since last 2 years I have realized the importance of staying healthy, so working out has become a part of my life now. I love speaking to large audience because of the experience I got when I became the President of Pakistani Students Association. I hosted many concerts/ charity events and gained name among the Pakistani and Indian youth around GTA. I have also been doing security for almost 3 years, along with modelling at numerous events. Lastly, I love dancing and I am continuously learning every day. With time, I have learned to be patient and focused and I love competition.


What do you aim to support during this year?

My goal is to make my own charity organization that will be based on events full of entertainment which will be mainly focusing the youth and the donations will be delivered in Pakistan. To spread this organization, events will take place in every city of Ontario and will grow from there. Similarly, over the summer I will visit Pakistan and continue the work there as well.


How did it feel winning?

Words cannot describe the feeling to be crowned as Mr. Pakistan World 2015. I had tears in my eyes as it was the most proud moment of my life. Knowing that I am at a position to represent Pakistan is truly a blessing and it is something no one can take away from me now.


What advice do you have for contestants?

My advice for the future contestants is that winning should be your only option. Do not show up and think it will be easy. Being a Mr. Pakistan World is no joke, you have to be well rounded in everything and most of all you need to be disciplined. Make sure to practice different types of questions in-front of a mirror to build more confidence in yourself. Stay healthy and be fit because your stamina and patience will matter a lot. Lastly, never let any negativity come near you. Only you are responsible for your future.


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