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Anzhelika Tahir – Miss Pakistan World 2015

Standing tall, with a physique like a mannequin, this half Pakistani and half Ukrainian beauty is the first girl to be of mixed races representing Pakistan. Anzhelika’s father belongs to Sheikhupura, Punjab, Pakistan and her mother is Ukrainian from Kiev, Ukraine. Anzhelika Tahir is Pakistan’s 13th Miss Pakistan World to be crowned on the 31st of October, 2015 in Toronto, Canada.

Tell us about yourself!

First of all, I want to say, that I never thought that I could be a beauty queen titleholder. I grow up in Kiev, Ukraine as my mother is Ukrainian and my father is Pakistani. Since my childhood I’d always been an outsider. During my elementary school days I didn’t have friends. Because of my skin color no one wanted to sit with me at the desk. I remember clearly the moments when I used to come home and take showers with a super hard sponge because somebody told me that if I take a good shower I could become a white-skinned girl. I don’t remember exactly when people became polite to me, maybe, in high school! I’m lucky, because I’ve always had the support of my family. My life was always based on the knowledge of arts & entertainment and I’ve studied at music schools, and was always active at sports.

During my modeling carrier I had got some opportunities in beauty pageants and tried my luck. Sometimes I’d been too close to winning, sometimes too far from the first place. I came to the Miss Pakistan World contest by chance. I always thought that it’s impossible for a common person like me to win. And because of my passion for travel I realized that it would be a good idea to try to participate in the Miss Pakistan World 2015 beauty pageant and I ended up in Toronto, Canada. You can’t imagine how nervous I was! It was the most exciting moment of my life.

My goal for this year is to represent my country Pakistan in international contests, and to show the Pakistani beauty and the positive image of my country and my Pakistani heritage. It would be such a great honor to be an ambassador of Pakistan in the world arena. Thanks to the organizers, to all the honorable judges and to everybody who supported me for this unique opportunity! Today I am proud of being that half Pakistani and half Ukrainian girl who is representing Pakistan as Miss Pakistan World 2015!


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