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How to Keep Yourself Warm This Winter

Are winters any fun? While some will readily claim they are, others dread the season. One of the many reasons, especially for individuals loving a tank top over a button down coat anytime, is how to keep warm without it.

Winterizing the wardrobe may well be one option, and a good one too if you are in an area that remains cold for the majority of the year, room heaters can be another. With these taken and you not being able to afford another ‘significant’ purchase, the following ways on how to keep yourself warm this winter should help!

1.    Eating a good meal

This has to be on top of your list, more so when you have to be outside for a long time. Gobble down a dish of spicy food – Indian, Mexican, take your pick – and see yourself working up a nice sweat in no time.

What’s more economical is to simply get a bottle of hot sauce or some red pepper flakes to add to any food you have at the moment. Wrap it up with a cup of hot tea or chocolate, or, if you’re in the mood, a honey-based, spicy Russian drink, Sbiten.

2.    Dance moves or yoga practice

If being bundled-on-the-couch-till-eternity is boring and unbearable to you, better plan a playlist. With an iPod or online streaming your favorites, move your body. Not only do you stay warm, but this is also a great way to stay in shape and have fun simultaneously.

Yoga can be very effective in this regard. It trains your mind and changes its perception of cold so you have control over your body and what it is feeling, not the other way round. Plus, even as you can dance, do yoga, stretch or run around by yourself, the best way probably is to do it all with a group. According to the scientists at University of Toronto, that works wonders to keep you warm.

What are your tips to survive the winter days? Let us know in the comments below!

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