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Karl Wolf Gets Up Close By Giovanni


photo by Giovanni

Giovanni – Your real name is Carl Abou Samah; how did you decide to go with the stage name ‘Karl Wolf’?

Karl Wolf – I was a point guard for my high school basketball team and there was a movie called “Teen Wolf” with Michael J. Fox. Because I was the shortest and fastest on the team…they used to call me the “Wolf,” and it caught on. I changed the “C” to a “K” because it just looked way more badass!

Giovanni – What kind of connection are you hoping your fans will have with your music?

Karl Wolf – I always try to put as much of me in my music. It is a very personal transfer of energy. I’d rather someone tell me I’m ugly than tell me they hate my music. So I love hearing stories of a fan being inspired by my music and gave them the ability and courage to accomplish something greater than what they expected.

Giovanni – Let’s talk about your album “Stereotype,” which was released on August 19th; we are all excited, what can you say about this album?

Karl Wolf – I am most proud of this body of work! I feel I have grown a lot since the last album as a writer and a singer. I worked with some amazing producers and collaborators, mostly friends of mine including longtime co-writer Show Stephens, Timbaland, Fatman Scoop and Classified!

Giovanni – What was the hardest thing about making this album?

Karl Wolf – The hardest thing about making this album was that it was so tough to decide which songs would go on and which ones we had to exclude. I had written, produced and recorded at least 25–30 songs before narrowing them down to 16!

Giovanni – What do you love about Ottawa that keeps you returning to Ottawa’s Lebanese Festival?

Karl Wolf – I have a close connection with Ottawa because it was the first place I went to when I became a landed immigrant in 1995. As I landed we went to see my family in Gatineau, so there’s that connection as well as the Lebanese community is quite prominent there so that also connects me. I love the Lebanese community, and I am Lebanese/Canadian and extremely proud of my heritage.

Giovanni – What is your motto?

Karl Wolf – Nobody can visually see the drive you have inside you. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Giovanni – What was the best advice ever given to you?

Karl Wolf – Always try YOUR best.



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