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Bryan Beyung

photo by: LJ Bailey:


Bryan Beyung was born in Montreal among a refugee family. The marriage of Chinese and Cambodian cultures offered him a sense of creation driven by his will of self-definition. With a Bachelors degree in graphic design, the artist started growing within the fast-paced world of digital technologies. Even though he is aware of the infinite possibilities these tools present, he remains careful concerning their mechanisms, preferring intuitive methods that allow for a deeper sense of abstract picturing — an influence that takes its roots in his past as a graffiti artist.

Depicted in his work are resolute elements of graphic art, crossing through troubled relief where the canvas becomes the arena of an undivided fight between powerful forces and uncluttered spaces. Bryan’s art is embodied through formal elements, morphing into gestures, traces and movement. Free, and strong at the same time, his pictorial writing portrays striking authenticity and maturity of mind.


photos: Denis Barria

photos: Denis Barria

photos: Denis Barria

photos: Denis Barria










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