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Interview with Patrizio Buanne- by Giovanni

1Giovanni – Who is your favorite performer?

Patrizio Buanne – Elvis Presley, and Celine Dion

2 Giovanni – What was your first song that you sang on stage as a child?
Patrizio Buanne – Marina

3Giovanni – Where would you like to perform in the world?
Patrizio Buanne – At the Grammies

4 Giovanni – If you would not be singing, what would you be doing? Patrizio Buanne – Be a historic teacher and travel the world using my languages

5 Giovanni – What was the best advice ever given to you?
Patrizio Buanne – I never got advice from anybody but rather based my decisions on experience and lessons.

6 Giovanni – What do you love most about your career?
Patrizio Buanne – That I am allowed to be myself, that I sing what I want to sing and that I am successful not just for my music or hits but for my personality and voice.

7 Giovanni – How do you relieve stress?
Patrizio Buanne – Pray for energy and convince myself that “it is not who runs quicker-but who runs longer”. Slowly but surely things come together.

8 Giovanni – What advice would you give young talent inpersueing this type of business career ? Patrizio Buanne – To keep doing it and never give up – NEVER (unless they know that they are not part of this industry and are not willing to take challenges).

9 Giovanni – What do you look for in a woman, that would grab your attention ?
Patrizio Buanne – Her natural way she looks, present herself and talks, and her way of being eloquent, world open and not ignorant. Some people (not just girls) talk but they don’t say anything.

10 Giovanni – Would you like to find a wife in the same business?
Patrizio Buanne – why not – destiny – it has no rules.

11 Giovanni – What were your favourite singers growing up?
Patrizio Buanne – Michael Jackson, Massimo Ranieri, and Elvis

12 Giovanni – How do you stay so fit?
Patrizio Buanne — hahaha, I am aware of what I eat and I am aware of where I am what to get and look at being conscious, that’s all.

13 Giovanni – Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
Patrizio Buanne – Married. 3 kids, Grammies, and perhaps an Oscar

14 Giovanni – If the choice were entirely up to you, who would you love to collaborate with?
Patrizio Buanne – David Foster and Celine Dion

15 Giovanni – What is your favorite meal after a performance?
Patrizio Buanne – A Neapolitan Pizza and a bottle of red wine, but that differs.

16 Giovanni – Describe for us those last few moments before you step on stage for the first time. What are you thinking, feeling? Patrizio Buanne – I warm up my voice, drink a lot of water, talk to my father and pray to my Saint Padre Pio and the rest is out of controll and is full of surprizes.

17 Giovanni – What kind of music did your parents listen to at home when you were young?
Patrizio Buanne – Gianni Morandi, Robertino Loreti, Sergio Bruni, and Massimo Ranieri.

18 Giovanni – Tell me about your earliest exposure to singing. How did that influence you?
Patrizio Buanne – It was a very positive experience-that lead making me brave and wanting to be in showbiz.


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