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Lebanese Designer Gianni Maanaki Announces Opening of Haute Couture Atelier in Canada

VANCOUVER, March 19, 2014 /CNW/ – In every cut, stitch and delicately-placed crystal, there is a distinct artistry from the hands of Lebanese designer Gianni Maanaki. Those nimble fingers, decorated with over three decades of experience, tell the story of a man who views the female silhouette as a canvas from which he creates his glamorous designs. These designs have been featured at the most coveted fashion shows in theMiddle East. While Maanaki has made his mark designing haute couture fashions for the royal families of Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Qatar, his story is also of a new designer on the North American scene, since recently settling in Canada.

Today, Maanaki announces the opening of his new Atelier, located at 1518-800 West Pender St., in downtown Vancouver. Inside these walls, the designer and his team of experts create customized haute couture gowns using the world’s finest fabrics. By appointment only, the Atelier creates an intimate experience where the client is invited to participate in the creative process. Beginning with a consultation, Maanaki sketches a design according to the client’s style, adding his own extra finesse to the piece. After a number of fittings and adjustments, a made-to-measure garment — and work of art — is produced, all according to the beauty of the female form.

“I always begin with the body and use it as inspiration,” explained Maanaki. “I never want to limit myself to a particular season because once I focus on the woman’s beauty, the sketches just flow out of my fingers. I see the woman — sometimes she wants to be sexy or sometimes she wants to look a little traditional with a modern flair. My aim is to reveal her own unique beauty.”

That aim is also the sole purpose of the company: to provide the client with an enriching, personalized experience. It’s about creating pieces that are tailored to a client’s needs and lifestyle with a goal to make them feel as special and as glamorous as possible — that’s why Gianni Maanaki is an international fashion brand.

Using corsets, strong cuts and other techniques, Maanaki manipulates the shape of the body to enhance its most striking features. For a bodice dripping in crystals, he uses Swarovski stones. Most of this intricate beading work is completed by the team in Lebanon but if required, Maanaki will do it himself at the Atelier. That’s the type of designer Maanaki is — one who is intimately involved with every step of the process.

“I do everything from A to Z — cutting, sewing, tailoring, everything,” he says. “It’s crucial that I work in this way while also having the support of my team because I want to ensure we go above and beyond the client’s expectations, especially if she has a special event or occasion to dress for.”

Mannaki also uses this extreme attention to detail when creating the brand’s Ready to Wear collections, which include professional clothing for both men and women. Clients can also shop for these items exclusively at the Atelier.

Gianni Maanaki Biography
Born and raised in Lebanon, Gianni Maanaki is a self-taught designer. He opened his first workshop in Beirut at the age of 18 and by 24, had established himself as a rising star in the Lebanese fashion scene. Maanaki earned his reputation designing and creating one-of-a-kind haute couture fashions for a growing list of prominent clientele, including members of the royal families of Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Qatar, as well as celebrities from Lebanon and Egypt. Prior to settling in Vancouver in 2012, Maanaki showcased his designs at international fashion shows inLebanon, Qatar, and Dubai.

SOURCE Gianni Maanaki


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