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Shanzay Interview “Miss Pakistan World 2013”

You recently represented Pakistan at the Miss Grand International 2013 pageant in Thailand. How was your experience representing Pakistan and managing

to come in the top 20?

It was truly an amazing experience. I felt very blessed and proud to have the opportunity to represent Pakistan in Thailand and to meet so many wonderful people including the contestants, organizers and sponsors.

I worked hard during my time in Thailand, pageants look extremely glamorous and fun and a piece of cake, and that’s definitely not how they are. There is a strict regime that you have to follow during the period of any pageant, which includes, waking up early in the morning, you have to be camera ready every minute that you are awake, many sponsor visits every day, sleeping late, public speaking, photo shoots, videos and much more.

It felt so great when I heard my name in the top 20’s because i know Pakistan has not had a girl get in the top for international pageants till now, so it was a great milestone.

I am very pleased to Say Sonia Ahmed had organized my whole trip so well, and she was always in touch with me, to find out all the details during my stay in Thailand.

Coming in the top 20 was a first for Pakistan in 11 years! You are the first one for Pakistani beauty pageant! What do you have to say about it?

One of my main aims this year is to try harder and come in at least the top 10 for the next pageant. Pakistan is a beautiful country full of beautiful people and its time the world got to know us better.

Bringing a more positive focus on Pakistan has been my main aim since day 1. Today Miss Pakistan placed in the top 20, tomorrow we can hope for being top 1. I believe in aiming for the top, I never give up.

Pakistan is a country that is going through a phase where there is always unrest be it political, social or economic. Being a Miss Pakistan World, what can you do with your title and representation to help your country even 1%?

With the title, I can refocus the World’s attention on Pakistan in a more positive light. Providing education for more women and children in Pakistan will accelerate Pakistan’s journey into prosperity.

What are you doing next? Any more pageants coming up?

Yes, I have a couple pageants coming up this year, and I have starting preparing for that.

What would you want to be remembered as this year?

I would want to be remembered as the girl who refocused attention on the decreasing education budget in Pakistan.

After the title, what would you want to do?

Continue with my modeling career and I also have a few other projects I am working on.

Any words of recommendation for future Miss Pakistan World contestants?

I highly recommend more Pakistani girls to apply. We have so much to show to the world, we are beautiful, we are loving, we are humble, we are strong, we can be leaders and the world still doesn’t know.

People who don’t know me always ask where I from am, and when they hear I am Pakistani, they don’t believe me. They think Pakistani’s don’t look like me. They always assume I am Persian, Arab, Italian, and Spanish among the few I have heard. So I think it’s time for us girls to change that, and show how exotic and gorgeous us Pakistani’s are.

Lastly I want to change any negativity attached to Miss Pakistan pageant, so I would like to clear that as well. I am the walking example that Miss Pakistan is a great and successful pageant and is the only pageant that gives Pakistani girls the ability to be able to represent in international pageants.

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